To do this, use an aperture of f-11 or higher and set the ISO to the minimum possible value. Ideally ISO 100. Be sure to adjust the white balance well so that the color of your jewelry resembles. What you intended to achieve. You can adjust it manually or go to the automatic mode of your camera and check the results again. Take the picture on the tripod so that your shot is pointing slightly down toward the product. Place the lights (with diffuser umbrellas) above the product and on each side. Angled down and at equal power. This mount should cover the light plane evenly without unsightly reflections appearing on the product. Retouch and finish Retouch and finish After photographing your jewelry. You will need to prepare the images for your online store.

Post-production processing is all about making photos look professional and beautiful. The easiest way is to hire a professional editor to retouch your images. This option can save a lot of time and money compared to trying to learn photo editing from scratch. If you prefer to do it yourself, choose a free online photo editor. And learn the basics related to photo editing. With the basics of photo editing out there, you’ll be able. To enhance your photos and make them shareable across all of your marketing and sales channels. 6 tips for photographing jewelry Whether you are just starting. A jewelry manufacturing business or already developing your fifth store, keep in mind the following tips for photographing jewelry.

Take Consistent Iran phone number Photos Come Up

With a set of guidelines for taking photos of jewelry Iran phone number and follow them. Consistency is key in ecommerce photography and any change in photography from one product to another can divert your customers’ attention. It records every detail, such as camera settings, lighting, background, and device location. Make sure to resume the photo session another day without any changes being noticed. Some inexperienced marketers find a white background “boring” or that they have “missed the opportunity to promote their brand.” That is why they try to make a difference by resorting to colorful backgrounds and that is a mistake. Not in vain Amazon, eBay, Rakuten and the vast majority of markets require or recommend a white or neutral background.

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Keep the backgrounds simple With a white or light gray background, the focus is kept where it really should be, that is, on your product. The black color is widely used to photograph jewelry. However, it is important to note that in some markets it becomes difficult if you want to send images with a black background. White backgrounds are inexpensive and easy to create, and even allow you to remove the background from your photos without any hassle. Images with a black background You can use plain white paper, create a lightbox, and even photograph white products on white backgrounds.

Keep The Iran phone number Backgrounds Simple

If your background has blemishes or other details that need to be corrected, remember that you can also use free photo editing software to touch it up during post- processing . Reduce accessories We should mention a typical error related to the principles of “staying focused” that we have just discussed. Accessories become an unnecessary distracting element. Maybe you think your jewelry will look better if there is an elaborate staging, or maybe you want to display it realistically on a mannequin. The thing is, most accessories draw attention away from the product. On some occasions it is convenient to resort to elegant decoration elements , models and interesting places that incorporate your product.

Reduce accessories We are talking about editorial sessions whose purpose is brand promotion. Editorial photos are those that appear on magazine covers, website lead images, and email banners. They are not suitable for product pages. Kits for jewelry photography are inexpensive. Remember, in jewelry photography, consistency is important and you need to focus on the product. In general, accessories create inconsistency and distract the eye. They are not suitable for product pages. Eliminate reflections The goal is for customers to look at the jewelry and not spend time trying to figure out if it’s a reflection of the photographer or a flaw in the stone. Gemstones and metal pose a real technical challenge when photographing jewelry items.


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