Don’t worry, this is quite normal. In fact, there will already have been some other modifications to your theme files. Depending on the other apps that you’re running. Unfortunately, many of the Thailand Phone Numbers  new apps that you install, will apply their changes on top of what’s already there. That’s why sites often end up with mismatched, malformed, and missing bits of SEO stuff. Especially if you’ve historically used multiple apps. Thailand Phone Number  The Yoast SEO for Shopify app is really smart; it conditionally removes a whole bunch of potentially conflicting stuff and outputs its own in a clean way.

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On top of what’s already there. 2. Our structured data is comprehensive and robust Structured data helps Google and other search engines better understand your pages. Thailand Phone Number which can benefit your rankings. Our structured data approach does a great job of connecting and describing products and pages. We don’t output ‘bits and pieces of structured data. We connect the structured data together in one graph and output it in a way that minimizes conflict and overlap. Structured data also makes it. Thailand Phone Number possible to have your customers’ ratings show up in the search results.

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When you have an online store. It shows other (potential) customers that you are trustworthy and will increase the Thailand Phone Number chances of them visiting your website. That’s why we’ve created an integration with four popular review apps on Shopify. This integration helps handle the structured data around your ratings to make those ratings show up in the Thailand Phone Number search results. The apps that we integrate with right now are, Loox, Ali Reviews and Opinew. Read more about this integration in our post on showing Shopify ratings in the search results. 3. We are SEO experts! For over 10 years, has been building products that help people with a WordPress website with their SEO.

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