After we understand the meaning and importance of backlinks


then you must be curious about how to get quality backlinks that will increase traffic to our blog or website as follows:

pay attention to the relevance of the content first, keep in mind that the success rate  of backlinks is on the relevance of the content that we have. The more relevant the content Hong Kong Phone Number that will become the backlink, the more quality backlinks we get. If our website has a technology niche, then we have to look for backlinks with similar discussions.

Using tools that will help in website searches with keywords

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that are relevant to our website. There are various tools that you can use such as ubbersuggest, ahrefs and so on. There you will also find out which websites have good ratings, then please approach them personally by submitting mutually beneficial offers via e-mail and others.
Join a website that provides content sharing such as hipwee, medium, reddit and so on. There you can create articles by including your website link or link.
Do guest blogging, yes, guest blogging has long been an alternative to building backlinks. However, you must still pay attention to the quality of the website where you write articles. The advantage of guest blogging from both sides is that you get backlinks while the website host gets updated articles.

Quality backlinks

criteria and examples of quality backlinks
backlinks are very useful and provide great benefits to your blog or website in the eyes of google search. However, it is necessary to pay attention to things that greatly affect the quality of these backlinks. For example, if we randomly put a backlink on an obscure website with few visitors, it could be that our website will be aligned with the less qualified website. Quality backlinks have several criteria that you need to know from: traffic, relevance, influence (authority), quality of outbound links, google index, editorial standards.

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