As we’ll discuss, you can even have your customers create your social proof for you if you really. Want to start seeing a boost in your ecommerce performance. MOBILE OPTIMIZATION In 2017, over half the world’s traffic came from users on mobile devices, a jump from 30% to 50% Monaco Email List in just two years. This rate of increase means that ecommerce sites can’t afford to miss out on the rising wave Monaco Email List of mobile traffic.[*] Even though mobile accounts for such a large percentage of our traffic, customers still have complaints about making mobile shopping more convenient.[*] This leads to two big takeaways for ecommerce brands: You need to optimize

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Your ecommerce landing pages to accommodate a growing mobile customer base. With mobile shopping continually growing, there’s a huge window of opportunity to Monaco Email List competition.[*] So how can you optimize your ecommerce landing pages for mobile customer experiences? To start. Use a responsive site to make sure your landing page adjusts to mobile screens[*] Make sure you’re compressing your images and minifying any HTML, CSS, etc.[*] Optimize your checkout process to make it as simple as possible for users to buy[*] 7. USER-GENERATED CONTENT I’ve mentioned how using social proof can

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Improve sales and how high-quality photo and video improve landing page performance. Why not combine the two tips? Back in 2016, top-performing retailers were able to see over a 100% increase in conversions on ecommerce sites when the users had interacted with a piece of UGC.[*] Having users submit photos and videos of them using your product gives your potential customers. A real-world example of how awesome your product is. It also puts a real face to your product as opposed to a corporation. Instead of combing through your reviews to find the

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