Just look at your profile. If you have a big grey box there, it’s enabled. It looks like this: Screenshot showing a pinterest profile You can select up to five boards to Panama Phone Number List showcase here, or you can just do one “Best of” board like I did. You can even showcase your Panama Phone Number List products here. Speaking of which, create a Pinterest board of all your products. You can literally name this board something Panama Phone Number List like “Our Products” or “[Brand Name] Products”. If you have lots of different kinds of products, I would even create a board for each category.

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Think about it just like you would your website—you want to make it easy for visitors to navigate and find what they’re interested in. E-Z, right? Next [STEP #3] Panama Phone Number List USE PINGROUPIE TO FIND GROUP BOARDS. So how do you get tons of traffic without ANY Panama Phone Number List followers? Two words: Group boards. Group boards are Pinterest boards with Panama Phone Number List multiple contributors. Many of them have thousands of followers and multiple pinners.  How do you find these mythical group boards, you ask? With PinGroupie.

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I used this free tool to find half a dozen Panama Phone Number List RV-related group boards. Search for something related to your content, then browse the results. Screenshot showing stats for different boards Pro Tip: Filter these massive lists by number of followers to show the best Panama Phone Number List boards first. The number of pins and collaborators aren’t super important, but boards Panama Phone Number List with only two or three collaborators might be hard to join. The other way to find group boards is by going to the accounts of your competitors or other people in your niche and looking to see if they’re in any group boards. You can tell a group board by the little circle with people’s profile pics.

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