We can’t talk about marketing without mentioning ads. Just like you want to write content to target gift keywords, you’ll want to switch up your keyword budget to bid on gift keywords and other seasonal keywords. For example, “home decor” (the red line below) gets searches all year long. But fresh mlm genealogy leads peaks, obviously, in the last week of November. Screenshot showing Google Trends data It may seem like common sense, but it can be easy to forget to add these seasonal keywords. To your ad campaigns — or even swap your budget entirely to them during the peak season.

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​I have some shocking news for you. Just because someone doesn’t open one of your emails, doesn’t mean you can never send them that email again. In fact, I fresh mlm genealogy leads recommend you send them the same email a second time just change the subject line. I was able to fresh mlm genealogy leads   get 9 and 15 extra clicks on two campaigns I sent out to just a few hundred people. That’s 3-6% fresh mlm genealogy leads extra clicks I otherwise would have missed. Screenshot showing open stats for emails Revolutionary? No. But over the course of emails to thousands of people, this could mean several thousand dollars in extra revenue for your store.

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​All from a simple subject line fresh mlm genealogy leads change and the click of a button. 15. fresh mlm genealogy leads Video has been BLOWING UP over the last few years. But how do you use it? Try behind-the-scenes shots of your product production process, day-to-day vlog videos. Or fresh mlm genealogy leads how-to videos showing your visitors how to do something related to your products or niche. Here’s fresh mlm genealogy leads one example of this: Innovative Journaling creates beautifully crafted handmade leather journals. Each one takes an hour or more to make.

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