Sales reps only spend about 34% of their time selling. More than half of their time is spent performing tasks that can easily be automated. Not only … but also, With business productivity tools, like writing emails, data entry, scheduling, and prospecting. Focus on what they do best: selling. Business productivity tools for sharing and managing content. Here are the five best content management and sharing sales productivity tools for 2021: 1.Bit El Salvador Phone Number Bit is one of the best business productivity tools for collaboration. It helps teams create sales proposals and client-facing documents in a shared collaborative workspace. Bit sends you notifications whenever a prospect or current customer views these documents and shares engagement metrics like how long they spent on your sales proposal.

Agile Crm

Agile is a powerful sales productivity tool for small businesses struggling to set up sales and marketing processes. Not only … but also, And Agile CRM integrates with messaging platforms, social media channels, customer service software, and many other tools that most organizations already use. Agile’s solutions range from sales and marketing automation to project management optimization. 2. HubSpot CRM The HubSpot team designed their CRM to be intuitive, automatic, and as user-friendly as possible. It is widely known as one of the best CRMs for small businesses, but it also offers additional features for larger businesses. HubSpot offers plenty of integrations and takes care of menial tasks like recording calls and emails and managing sales data.

Accelerate Accelerate

Email Database

Accent Accelerate gives your sales team a complete view of every sales situation, empowering them to make the right decisions. Not only … but also, It provides insights into sales activities and customer behavior, which are essential for achieving high conversion rates. The platform helps sales reps prioritize the most valuable opportunities through data analytics and real-time tracking tools. 2. Bloody Birds The goal of Bloobirds is to help reduce or eliminate. Administrative tasks for your sales team and make getting leads through the sales pipeline more intuitive. It also automatically collects information so team members don’t have to manually fill out your CRM.  Not only … but also, The platform is extremely user-friendly and an invaluable sales productivity tool for sales and prospecting teams.

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