The same goes for your product image — you want it to provide as much information as possible. We’ve discussed the importance of having a Macedonia Email Lists comprehensive gallery of product photos. Your landing page copy also needs to include all the information your user might want to know about your product. What should this landing page copy include? Ask yourself what questions you might ask about a product before purchasing. Sizing options (for apparel) Product dimensions (if not clothing) Materials used (if relevant) Features and functionalities. Speed/rate/resolution (if relevant) You can see a strong example of having all the necessary

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Information on the same page in the screenshot below. Screenshot showing a product page Your goal is to keep a potential customer on the landing page. You don’t want them leaving to research — they may not come back. Instead of leaving it up to the whim of a curious customer, Macedonia Email Lists need on your landing page. PRODUCT VIDEOS You don’t have to stop at photos. Having a video walkthrough of your product can be a huge booster to ecommerce conversions. In fact, in one study, marketers found that 44% of customers view product videos while researching their desired local product or/services.

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Now, this stat isn’t for walkthrough videos specifically. But it does prove the importance of product views as a whole, regardless of type. Screenshot showing information about consumer behavior Videos are some common marketing experiences in today’s post-digital world. By post-digital, I mean that today’s users aren’t only aware of high-quality digital experiences like video in their marketing interactions — they expect it. Behind-the-scenes videos help your landing pages by providing a sense of expertise and transparency in an engaging medium. You can also use video as social proof by including customer testimonials and reviews.

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