Candles come in all shapes, sizes, smells, Singapore Phone Number List colors, and cases. But candles that are “infused with sass”? Now those are candles that I want to support – even if just for the novelty of the product. Malicious Candle Co. And their “Sending Thoughts and Prayers – Infused Singapore Phone Number List With ‘Absolutely No Effort’” candle is a perfect example of how sarcasm can help sell Singapore Phone Number List roducts. With a little bit of attitude (or a lot of attitude—but you’ll need to browse the site to find those product descriptions yourself).

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Screenshot showing a product page The first thing you see on the page is a non-traditional product name. Immediately you know this isn’t any ordinary candle. In this Singapore Phone Number List example, Malicious Women Candle Co. perfectly captures the spirit of how shallow a candle gift can come across. They beat you to the point and take away the shallowness with sarcasm—almost poking fun at Singapore Phone Number List themselves. And then there’s my personal favorite candle, “Fresh Moving Boxes – Infused with “30 Years Singapore Phone Number List Of Debt”. Screenshot showing a product page What better way to welcome a close friend or family member into their new home with a great smelling candle

Singapore Phone Number List

Oh, and 30 years of debt? Malicious Singapore Phone Number List Women Candle Co. finds the perfect balance between “gag gift” and thoughtful sarcasm—making them an excellent inspiration for your products. Key Takeaway: Not all product descriptions are created equal, though Singapore Phone Number List lots of product descriptions are created the same. Same copy, same format, same style. But every once in a while you stumble across something special, something that speaks to you. We all have a little “sass” Singapore Phone Number List inside of us and sarcasm is the perfect way to bring that sass out. In other words, write product descriptions that people wish they could say, but are too afraid to.

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