The aim of promoting knowledge. About trending technologies and supporting the. Visibility of potential writers. At iebs we have launched our first writing contest . With this contest, the school seeks to recognize. Professionals interested in disseminating .Their ideas on certain areas related to technology and innovation. To highlight the importance of training in. The development of new fields of work. If you want to know how to introduce yourself, keep reading! It may interest you: postgraduate. In storytelling and transmedia narrative. Video webinar: how to generate conversation on social networks. With transmedia narrative discharge index of contents .Iebs writing contest the writing categories to which the .Projects can be submitted are the following. Digital transformation blockchain technology .Web3.0 cybersecurity metaverse industry 4.0, robotics, rpa awards the .I iebs writing contest will have 7 winners.

On the one hand, there will be a global one

Which will be able to Nigeria phone number access a 100% scholarship in the narrative & storytelling course and the publication of the article in the school’s blog. There will also be one winner per category. All the authors of the articles selected as winners will receive a 70% scholarship in the narrative & storytelling course , together with its publication. Who can participate? All those people who have basic knowledge of writing, who are passionate about writing and who have something to contribute about any of the topics in the categories mentioned, as well as seo knowledge to use this methodology, can participate. The term to present the projects ends on july 29 and the publication of the winners will take place on august 5. Postgraduate in storytelling and transmedia narrative Get training from the best experts in the sector I want to inform myself!

Nigeria phone number

The projects will be

Evaluated by an expert jury in the field. The projects received will be evaluated. Paying special attention to aspects. Such as the approach to the topic.The transmission of the message and seo writing. In addition, the innovation of the topic. The ability to communicate an idea. The development of the article and its .Potential will also be positively valued. Deadlines and registration the deadline for submitting projects is .July 29. Start of the term to send the proposals: july 8 deadline for submitting proposals: until august 5 publication of. The winners: august 12 the articles will be published. Weekly from august 16. If you have questions about the. Rules of the contest, write in the comments and we will answer you shortly. What are you waiting for to participate.

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