And too many options to choose from. Screenshot showing an ecommerce store According to a recent study of U.S. adults, 28% of cart abandons are caused by Mozambique Email List unnecessarily complicated checkout processes. Additional forms or registration also play a part in this Mozambique Email List high cart abandonment rate. It doesn’t make sense to optimize your landing pages for higher Mozambique Email List performance and keep your Achilles heel of a checkout process. Make the actual conversion process itself as easy as possible. If you want users to convert on your page, make it easy for buyers to check out.

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Describe your awesome product. Mozambique Email List Where to begin? Start with the actual features of what your product can do. Be specific with your ad copy — you aren’t just marketing your blender can blend up fruit. Your copy should focus on what features of your blender are Mozambique Email List unique to the market: How fast does your blender blend. What metal are the blades made of? How well/completely does it blend fruit. What else can your blender blend? etc. Feature-driven copy is where you get to explain the “what” of your product to users. Here’s an example Blue Apron’s Roasted Pork & Mustard Pan Sauce landing

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Screenshot showing a recipe Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words. But that doesn’t mean you can’t spare a few to explain your product on top of that. In the above screenshot, you can see the descriptions of ingredients and the time necessary to prepare the meal; you can even click through to view nutrition facts on the “650 calories” text. Here’s another example from Blue Apron’s homepage. Screenshot showing a diagram of how a product works Feature-driven copy most likely won’t be the deciding factor in closing the sale.

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