But it’s become easier than ever to implement (and trust me, your competition will be implementing it, if they haven’t already). Want to learn how to create (and track) allemagne telephone better funnels like this for your business? Click the button below to get the resources to do it. Get The Marketing Funnel Action Plan 2. Speaking of funnels, one of the most important pieces of your funnel is your website . And a lot has changed in the world of site design in the last few years. If you’ve followed marketing trends for any of the last five years, you’ve heard that mobile optimization is

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important. That’s still true. In fact, it’s truer now than ever. Why, you ask? Because on March 26, 2018, Google began rolling out their mobile-first index. Meaning allemagne telephone Google is ranking your site primarily based on your mobile site, NOT on your desktop site. So until now, if you weren’t mobile-optimized, it really wasn’t a big deal. Sure, it could have hurt your mobile conversions, but Google wouldn’t have changed your rankings. Now, if you’re not mobile-friendly but your competitors are, they can edge you out and lower your search rankings. But that’s not all. Even more important than that are these stats: From 2016 to 2017, the percentage of visits

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from mobile devices grew from allemagne telephone in the US.[*] Nearly 60% of online retail sales worldwide came from mobile in 2017. That number is estimated to increase to 72.9% by 2021 (see chart below). Screenshot showing mobile e-commerce rates So mobile-friendliness is important. But what does that really mean. You have to actually test your site by making a purchase from your store on your smartphone. It has to feel frictionless and intuitive, or you could be losing a lot of sales.

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