If you ‘do anything with communication’, you probably know them, the prejudices about the profession that you get thrown at you. Both at work and in private. People around you usually don’t understand what communication actually means and often underestimate it. This occasionally leads to frustration. Recognizable? In this article I share the 6 prejudices that communication professionals are tired of. For the communication professional himself and to clear up misunderstandings.


Last week we shared a post on king ‘which prejudices irritate you most as a communication professional?’ Soon a lot of (recognizable) reactions came in. This article has come about from your frustrations and my own experiences.

en you can speak very well

‘You do something with communication? If your friend is lucky, you can probably talk very well!’ Yes, that’s one I’ve Quality Directors Email Lists been told many times. And judging by your reactions on LinkedIn and Facebook, I’m not the only one.

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Many people take the word ‘communication’ literally, thus thinking that we can talk very well and that we have conversations and telephones all day long. It is a prejudice that you mainly encounter in private, people really have no idea what you do exactly.

Following the pandemic, the need for personalization grew and brands must respond or risk falling behind.

From audience segmentation and drip campaigns to product recommendations and cart abandonment notifications, personalization cannot operate at scale without automation.

This new shift toward personalization means automation will become a higher priority for brands.

For example, Mirte

responded with: ‘communication? Yes, that’s important! Always keep in touch with each other, that’s important’. Recognizable! People often think that we ensure that our colleagues continue to communicate with each other. Just to be clear, for anyone who thinks we do this all day long: no, we don’t. We can probably hold a conversation just as well as the secretary, manager or financial assistant. This is not exactly what distinguishes communication professionals from others.

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