Want to automatically generate more revenue from your email subscribers? Email automation is one of the best things about email marketing for super-targeted, high-converting messages.  Let’s take a look at the automated email sequences every e-commerce store should set up and optimize.   Ideally, these contain the dynamic values ​​of the exact Algeria Phone Number product information in the email, with a strong call-to-action to return and buy. It’s also appropriate to include dynamic recommended products similar to what they were browsing before. Typically, the time frame will be 24 hours from the abandonment of navigation event.

Cart Abandonment Sequence

Nearly 60-70% of online shopping carts are abandoned. We’ve seen abandoned shopping cart emails have open rates of over. 50% and conversion rates of up to 30%. abandoned cart With the cart abandonment sequence. The goal is to get those shoppers to come back and complete their purchase. Usually the first cart abandonment email timed 4-6 hours after abandonment is a good place to start. We recommend having up to three emails in this sequence as follows: 2.1 Basket reminder Typically, the first email in this sequence should be a simple reminder to return to cart. The message should have a more customer service oriented tone. 2.2 Shopping Cart Incentive Secondly, we’ll want to be a bit more aggressive with our email as they haven’t converted from the first cart email. Here we can introduce a shipping discount/incentive to further incentivize purchase.

New Customer Sequence

Email Database

Transactional emails are some of the most opened and clicked-on emails in your arsenal. Therefore, they are among the first to make sure. You have setup and optimized. Although almost all retailers send the basic transactional emails (order confirmation and shipping confirmation), many emails are not really optimized.

While your larger batch emails tend to have an average open rate of around 20%, transactional email open rates average north of 50%. Customers expect to receive transactional emails and will be on the lookout for them arriving in their inbox. The immediate post-purchase period is a prime time to grab a buyback when customers feel the “warm and fuzzy” buzz right after purchase. Include a discount to buy again: Highlight shipping-specific value points, such as always free shipping, seamless returns, and more.

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