A sweepstakes Note: You might also want to add some details about where people can enter from (e.g., continental U.S., certain states or countries). Once you’ve email canadesi written your title and description, you’ll need to add the following details: Start and end times: When your contest starts and ends (in your timezone). Awarded at: When the contest winner will be announced. Number of winners: How many people will be getting a prize. Who’s running the giveaway: Your company name and website link. Prize images: Minimum of 680px wide and a 2:1 ratio.

For Sure-Shot Success

These images will display at the top of your giveaway landing page: Screenshot showing the header for a sweepstakes 2. Sharing Once someone has entered your  email canadesi  giveaway, they’ll go to a screen encouraging them to take actions for more chances to win. The first option email canadesi people are presented with is sharing the giveaway with friends. When you’re creating your giveaway, you can choose which platforms people can use to share your giveaway

Two Important Things to Consider in Building

Screenshot showing the sharing page for a viral giveaway When choosing, think about the platforms most suited to your business, and where you might already have some traction. For example, a B2B giveaway might work better being shared on LinkedIn than on Pinterest. 3. Bonus Entries We’re now at the business end of giveaway creation — this is where you create your giveaway’s virality. For example, in the Bo Jackson giveaway users could receive extra entries for: Watching a YouTube video. Listening to a podcast episode. Subscribing to a YouTube channel. Checking out a website.

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