Whether you’re a retail store owner, blogger/media professional, or educator, you might have been advised to give email marketing a try. That’s good advice. Email marketing ROI continues to grow, guaranteeing you $44 for every dollar you spend on your email campaign. If you’re on the fence about newsletters, don’t be. Newsletters don’t have to be dull or boring. When done right, newsletters are an extremely Hong Kong Phone Number effective way to build an audience and connect with your existing readers, whether you’re a new or established business owner or an influencer.

Where to Find Newsletter Ideas

First, learn about your audience or customer. What problems do they tackle? What are their goals ? If you run a financial blog aimed at millennials in the United States, your audience might be concerned about student loans. If you run an e-commerce site for fitness products, your audience may also be interested in food or seasonal trends. Do some research and determine the value your newsletter can bring to your customer. After identifying your main customer, determine who your main competitors are. This part is overlooked by many people, but learning more about your competition can help you understand your own brand and the unique benefits you offer.

Fossil creates a sense of urgency and excitement in its newsletter by highlighting a sale. They’ve included buttons, so people can act quickly on this sale.

The Best Newsletter Examples

Email Database

We’ve seen a lot of newsletters, and they range from terrible to amazing. We’ve collected some of our favorite newsletter examples along with some tips here. So you don’t have to search for them. We’ve also categorized the newsletter examples into various industries, so you can find the most relevant designs for you. Ecommerce Newsletter Examples While newsletters are a great way to communicate new or recommended products, sales, contests, and testimonials, you want to go beyond that. You would like the customer to take action on something and do it quickly. How are you doing that?

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