Many email experts claim that email deliverability is the responsibility of the sender. But tell that to the marketer who’s spent months cleaning up email lists, creating perfectly coded templates, creating spam-free copies, and running countless tests – only to find that a good portion of their e-mails still do not arrive! When it comes to email deliverability, Philippines Phone Number there are clearly some things beyond our control. At Email Tool Tester, this became all the more apparent when we started trying different newsletter services a while ago and seeing different results using the same emails and lists .

Deliverability by Internet Service Provider (Isp)

Although our tests were sent to 28 ISPs worldwide, the following chart shows deliverability to the four major Internet Service Providers – Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft (Hotmail and Outlook), and AOL. For clarity, we’ve split emails from Gmail’s main inbox and their Promotions tab into separate columns. MailChimp emails are more likely to go to Gmail’s Promotions tab: While all other providers managed to get into Gmail’s main inbox, MailChimp emails all ended up in the Promotions folder. If you send through MailChimp, this could have a big impact on your open rates as this tab is checked less frequently.


Email Database

After two rounds of extensive testing that yielded fairly consistent results. We’re pretty confident that we can start drawing general. Conclusions about deliverability. It is clear that some newsletter services are more efficient than others in sending emails. And more particularly in accessing certain ISPs like Outlook.  Which means campaign performance can take a bit of a hit. We really believe that deliverability should be an important. Factor to consider when evaluating different newsletter services, which is why we make this information available. The best way to get your deliverability rates as high as possible is to follow best. Practice guidelines and try out different newsletter services to see which gives you the best results.

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