You launched your ecommerce website. You sent your first email campaign. Now what? The competition for sales in ecommerce is fierce… there are roughly 1.3 million ecommerce websites in North America and 2-3 million in the world (excluding China). So you want to make sure you maximize every marketing touch you have with your subscribers. Here are five best practices you can use after sending your first email, so you can grow an email list that opens, clicks and buys from your emails. Resend Unopened Emails 2 Increase Your Open Rate With Subject Line A/B Testing And Double Opt-In 3 Send A Personalized

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Automated Follow-Up Email 4 Enhance Your Email Campaign Conversion. By Tracking Email Subscribers’ Site Behavior 5 Target Your Email Subscribers On Social Media. Dominican Republic Phone Number List And it is expected to grow to 117 emails by 2019[*] The worst time to Dominican Republic Phone Number List send ecommerce emails is on Monday and Sunday of emails are opened on mobile Dominican Republic Phone Number List devices Many businesses are moving into strong list building goals by altering their strategy for free information distribution.

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Before resending your campaign, be sure to optimize the subject line for mobile devices. Yes Lifecycle Marketing reviewed 7 billion emails and found that “subject lines between 1 and 20 characters generated a 31% higher. Changing your subject line may increase your open rate, too. Be sure to include direct calls to action in this email so your subscribers can connect with you on various platforms. Notice how at the end of the welcome email Scooterboard

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