You’ll also want to write up official terms and conditions and a privacy policy for your giveaway, but more on that in step 5. STEP 4: CREATE A HASHTAG Belize WhatsApp Number List No giveaway is complete without a hashtag. They can help you track the results of your campaign, Belize WhatsApp Number List spark some virality, and collect user-generated content. Some tips: Check to make Belize WhatsApp Number List sure your hashtag isn’t already being used. Just search for it on Twitter/Instagram. Make it short, easy to spell, and memorable, if possible. TRY TO MAKE IT RELATE TO HALLOWEEN. THIS IS A HALLOWEEN GIVEAWAY, AFTER ALL! STEP 5: USE THIS VIRAL GIVEAWAY APP

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There’s a lot more to giveaways than what I’ve outlined here, like social media sharing, a point system, etc. Luckily, KingSumo handles all that for you. If you just do steps 1-4, KingSumo does the rest — including generating your terms and conditions for you. Below is an example from Belize WhatsApp Number List entries using KingSumo. For their giveaway prize they offered a Halloween Ultimate Treat Mix with 10 lbs. of trick-or-treat candy: Screenshot showing a promotional banner about halloween 7. USE PINTEREST TO CAPITALIZE ON THE HALLOWEEN PIN FRENZY

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The last Halloween marketing strategy I have for you is simple: Pinterest. Pinterest is one of THE best places to be as an ecommerce store owner — whether you’re into Halloween or not. Pinterest can help you year-round. If you haven’t already, go sign up for a Pinterest business account. Then fill out your account with 5-10 boards with 5-10 pins each (so you don’t look like a spammer). Pro tip: Those 5-10 pins should be of OTHER PEOPLE’S content, not your own. You can create a special “Best of [Your Business Name Here]” board for your content and products.

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