The cinema which was  also deprived of a protective past stole from it the narrative and with it the illusion of truth. After all cinema had no difficulty finding its identity. The independence of its duration the power of its narrative the high cost of its production the difficulty of handling its technical means the teamwork of its production the breadth of its impact on the world brought it almost immediately to the service of the well known and established places of industry entertainment and little by little art. In fact he didn’t need the last one it occurred to him.

The point of reference and comparison

His fame and prestige also existed Raster to Vector Conversion outside of art. And especially outside of his forefathers the theater and the novel. Painting did not have to steal anything from photography but was content to contaminate it from the moment the latter was born every attempt to search for an identity. It stuck in people’s minds and especially those who were anxious about forming a photographic identity and became the point of reference and comparison. In this game painting could only have the upper hand. She already had an established identity and no matter how many doubts time brought her she knew that she would fall back on her feet without the risk of a definitive overthrow.

Raster to Vector Conversion

The identity of the space they served

Painting had the advantages of technical SG Phone List difficulty of the finite and absolute frame of the materiality of the final product of the inherently illusory power of the result and above all it benefited from the premise of respect on the part of the public. The applications of photography escaped the problem of identity by borrowing the identity of the space they served. Areas such as science news and advertising have for many years had a settled identity in the world’s consciousness and consequently impose their own criteria and protect with their own prestige the photography that serves them.

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