Ferce businesses. And over 20% of all U.S. web searches happen on Google Images![*] So if you’re not optimizing your images for search, you could be missing out on Maldives B2B List  tons of traffic. Whenever you upload a product image to your store, think about how well it’s  Maldives B2B List optimized for search. Specifically: Update the filename: Use words that accurately describe the image. For example, Maldives B2B List rather than the automatically assigned filename from your camera, call it blue-running-socks. The filename will help search engines to identify what’s in the image and what searches it should show up for.

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Include alt text The alt text of Maldives B2B List each image you upload can add SEO value to your site by helping Google to understand what content is in the image. Ensuring each image has alt text is one of the best ways to optimize for Google Images search. Always add alt text to each Maldives B2B List image you upload. If you use Shopify, there’s a neat Shopify app to help with this too. Screenshot showing Maldives B2B List code on a product page Optimize image size: Consumers HATE waiting for sites to load. In fact, nearly half of us won’t even wait three seconds. By optimizing the size of each image file you upload to your ecommerce site

Maldives B2B List

Option to help with this, but you can Maldives B2B List also try TinyPng to help. For most store owners, “Public Relations” brings up connotations of expensive agencies or bad email pitches. But that’s not always the case. Truth is, PR doesn’t have to cost a ton of money, and if you have a Maldives B2B List great story to tell, editors will appreciate your pitch arriving in their inbox. Take sauce company Maldives B2B List Bushwick Kitchen (then called ‘Mixed Made’), for example. When they first launched, PR was a key driver in their growth — helping them hit $170,000 in revenue in their first 12 months.

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