Run A Post-Christmas Sale 1. mexico business emails The first Christmas marketing idea I have for you is simple: Design. A holiday flair on your online store can get you into the spirit of Christmas and show off your sales. If you want to get into the holiday spirit, I’ve got three ways to do it. 1. mexico business emails Even an occasional Google user has seen that they change their logo to match the season. Screenshot of a Google Christmas doodle You can do the same thing! It’s easy — just hire someone on Fiverr to recreate your logo with Christmas or general holiday elements like

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​A snowman Christmas hats A wreath Elves Mistletoe Hot chocolate (my favorite). Presents Christmas tree Lights Screenshot of a fiverr search Here are a couple example. Screenshot showing a christmas themed-logo Screenshot showing a Christmas themed logo 2. mexico business emails Canva is an amazing free graphic design tool for non-designers. It’s a drag-and-drop what-you-see-is-what-you-get design tool! .To make a Christmas themed banner, first create a design with the custom dimensions of 800 x 300 pixels. Once you’re in the editor, go to the Templates section

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​Search for Christmas, and pick a theme you like. Screenshot showing how you can make a banner Now just change up the text to whatever you want it to say — including mexico business emails your discount code or pictures of your products — and download it. Easy! 3. mexico business emails Finally, to prep your store for Christmas, consider changing your fonts to some of the following. Screenshot showing happy holidays messages Now — to some more tactical Christmas marketing ideas! 2. CREATE PRODUCT GIFT BUNDLES Everyone likes a good deal. Rather than giving out insane discounts to compete,

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