All of a sudden, one person can registro telefonico argentina become 10 people through social sharing and invites. Essentially your giveaway contestants do a registro telefonico argentina ton of the marketing for you. Screenshot showing a confirmation page for a sweepstakes  registro telefonico argentina  The above giveaway generated 3,223 contestants in just 28 days. And this isn’t a “one-hit wonder” Ryan Holiday ran a 59 Book giveaway and got 6,144 email subscribers in two weeks.

The Four Basic Elements

Sumo ran an Ecommerce For Life giveaway with a lifetime subscription to an ecommerce platform + Sumo, and got 10,705 email subscribers in two weeks. Giveaways have helped grow Noah Kagan’s email list by 52,213 email subscribers over the past couple of years. Screenshot showing stats for Kingsumo Sounds incredible, right? Want to replicate this success for your business? Let’s dive into how to run a viral giveaway of your own.  Getting started with a giveaway of your own might seem pretty daunting.

What is an Email Marketing List

Thankfully, though, it only takes a few steps to run a successful giveaway: STEP 1: DECIDE ON YOUR GOALS Any piece of marketing should have goals attached to it. For example, you probably wouldn’t dive into Facebook Ads without having an end goal in mind. A viral giveaway should be no different. If you’re investing time (and potentially a bit of money) into your giveaway, think about how you will measure success. Maybe you’re looking to: Boost your social proof by growing your following on social media. Build awareness of a new product launch. Generate a TON of new email subscribers to expand your sales funnel.

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