Is that this is a shared problem, and entrepreneurs have found several ways to successfully tackle it. The most important thing to keep in mind is that no one knows. What will work best before they release it. So how can you gather more information. Before making a big decision about your product line? There are four main ways: find out your mission. Take advantage of the options without having to invent anything Collect public feedback. Test new product line extensions find out your mission “It all starts with vision,” says David Gaylord. CEO of Bushbalm, in an interview with Shopify. David explains that for eCommerce brands to successfully do line extensions. They need to strategically plan and build their mission. David and his team ask themselves several questions. What do we aspire to be? What verticals exist that revolve around our mission?

How can we not pigeonhole ourselves into a single product. But expand to other categories? Without a mission, you move for the money now, not for the money in the future Bushbalm started out as a pubic care brand, focusing only on a specific theme. “This was good because we were able to refine our value proposition and marketing plan,” says David. “But it was bad because it put us in one category.” Once the Bushbalm team decided on their mission, they were able to expand into different categories that aligned with the brand. “Our tagline now is ‘Skincare, Everywhere’ and our mission is to solve skin challenges, no matter how niche they may seem.” The turnaround allowed the brand to move from pubic care to treating eczema, psoriasis, hyperpigmentation, sun damage and other types of skin irritation.

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Take advantage of options that do not require inventory. There Saudi Arabia phone number are ways to test new products that don’t involve making big bets. Or extensive inventory management. Today you can try things at a very low cost, with a very low barrier to entry. This tells us Marc Weisigner, former Director of Merchant Revenue Acceleration at Shopify. “So when you’re trying to figure out your inventory and product line, pick something, give it a try, and try it out to see if it works. Doing so doubles your investment in time, in terms of hiring someone, and in marketing dollars. If not, try something else.” If you’re trying out new designs, you can use a print-on-demand service like Printful or Printify. It’s a quick way to get those products out into the world, and when you see which ones work well.

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The same goes for dropshipping with an app like Oberlo, if you want to test the lure of totally new trending products or product categories. You may also consider offering pre-orders for a new product that you are considering as a manufacturer. The initial investment is a single item to take the product photos, and you can set up your product page and market from there. This is a good way to gauge interest in your product ideas before you spend time and money building your inventory. Collect public feedback Although there is no better way to know that someone will buy your products than to launch them and make a sale, there are other ways to collect valuable feedback from your audience. Specifically, you can do this by organizing discussion groups or polls, or connecting individually.

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The wealth of knowledge you gain about your audience is really valuable,” explains Marc. Depending on your brand, you can recruit a discussion group or have your audience take a survey in a variety of ways. “If you’re looking for opinions, give everyone a $20 Starbucks gift certificate and ask them questions. Or if you have an audience of people who are really excited about your brand, they might be willing to jump in just because you want to talk to them,” he describes. Mark. Either way, and whatever method you choose, getting feedback from your audience early can be invaluable when making your next inventory move. And while you’re thinking about how to gather feedback from your audience, you need to make sure you’re planning to listen to multiple sources. It’s usually better to gather more views or perspectives on anything, rather than fewer.

It is convenient to talk to a number of people to get their opinions, because not everyone thinks the same as you. Test new product line extensions in small quantities Sometimes there is no way around it: you have to invest in new product line extensions and stock them to get the information you need. But that doesn’t mean your hands are tied and you should spend hundreds of dollars on an untested product. If you have money to invest in new inventory, it’s better to invest it in a range of new products and duplicate successful ones, rather than go for a single product that might not work. If small quantities are ordered, it is possible to pay more per unit, but it is preferable to writing a check for 20,000 euros.

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