Once you have a list of potential partners to reach out to — try to come up with 15-20 partners as not everyone will time to make your pitch. First, you’ll need to find their contact details, which used to be a real pain. With contact details in hand, it’s time to write that all-important pitch email. For a great example of how to pitch potential partners, check out this example from Julien Marion in his 0 to 10k traffic case study

How to Gain Access

His email outreach template in his giveaway case study: Hi NAME, I LOVED your book. Read it a few times, and my favorite part was where you shared advice on negotiating a raise. Quick question… I’m running a giveaway for my readers. Gonna promote  tutte le email del mondo  email channels. Would you be excited for me to give away your book + a link to your site? Interested? -YOUR NAME With these two templates at hand, you’re ready to roll. Now it’s over to you. Get your list of partners together and find some epic prizes for your giveaway. 3. Give away some of your own products (or time) As an ecommerce business, you

To School Mailing Lists

Probably have some awesome prizes sitting in your inventory. Maybe you could bundle together some stock and make an “Ultimate Giveaway.” Do you have any limited edition or rare products. Giving these away will create a ton of excitement amongst your customers. If you have a new product coming out, run a giveaway for people to receive it before it’s open for everyone to buy — people love exclusivity. As an alternative to giving away stock, you could experiment with some money-can’t-buy, behind-the-scenes prizes: A visit to your office or manufacturing facility to see how the products are made.

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