To make it clear where the message had come from, Facebook includes. A link to the original post within the bot’s first reply. Screenshot showing a messenger conversation. And then once a user replied with #hellofriday as prompted, they got added to Hello Fresh’s. Facebook Messenger list and received links to the exclusive Black Friday deals: Screenshot showing a messenger conversation. ADS Facebook’s Click-to-Messenger Ads are a great way to build a user base for your chatbot. With Click-to-Messenger Ads you can encourage. Facebook users to begin a conversation with your bot directly from their
Facebook feed.

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When the user clicks or taps on your ad, the user will switch to a conversation in the Messenger app and receive a message from your bot. Here’s how that flow Cambodia B2B List works Two screenshots showing a Facebook ad and. A messenger conversation WHAT HAVE WE LEARNED? Chatbots provide an incredible opportunity for you to grow your business. In this post we’ve seen examples of companies. Driving more than $1 million in sales using bots (like SnapTravel). Opening up new revenue streams (like DECEN) Growing audiences for their bots using creative ideas and campaigns (like HelloFresh)

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Feeling excited about how bots could help your ecommerce business? Then what are you waiting for? Bots = $$$. Don’t miss out on this HUGE opportunity for your ecommerce business. BOOM! adds it at the bottom of their product pages between their product reviews widget and their “You Might Also Like” widget. Screenshot showing testimonial videos That’s it! That’s the simple three-step system for generating hundreds of video testimonials for your eCommerce store on autopilot. Click here to learn more and get this EXACT video testimonial landing page template for your own eCommerce store. Money follows speed. Video testimonials follow $10 gift cards.

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