Limiting beliefs. everyone has them.


And entrepreneurs are particularly subject to this kind of brake on a daily basis.


In the ruthless jungle that is the world of entrepreneurship. these limiting beliefs are even legion.


And rest assured. it’s normal to have this kind of doubt.


The main thing is not to let them rule your life and make you a loser.


So. ready to transform your limiting beliefs into motivating beliefs to finally become a winner?


What is a limiting belief?

Before talking about limiting beliefs. let’s first talk about beliefs.


A belief is an idea that we take (often wrongly) for a reality.


Everyone forms a more or less important number of beliefs during their life.


They take root in our unconscious. often after having been instilled by society and the education received.


Totally subjective. these preconceived ideas are shaped by those who believe in them.


And once they have taken hold. it is very difficult to get rid of them.


This is particularly the case with limiting beliefs. or limiting beliefs.


Yes. human beings being full of pessimism. they Czech Republic Cell Phone Numbers tend to always see the glass half empty.


Limiting beliefs are sometimes so entrenched in our minds that they totally distort our judgment.


The problem is that they are a real obstacle to success. preventing you frombe a happy entrepreneur.


Especially since the more you believe in it. the more you try to find arguments to flesh out your beliefs.


After all. they say you only see what you want to see. right?


Therefore. the question is simple: can we get rid of our limiting beliefs?


Can you fight your limiting beliefs?

The answer is yes. of course: you can fight against limiting beliefs.


But of course. it is not necessarily always easy to get rid of these mental blocks.


Especially when we know that most of our limiting beliefs come to us from childhood.


And the older the belief. the more difficult it is to update it.


However. it is essential to transform these limiting beliefs into something positive.


It is certainly one of the most difficult exercises you will have to do in your life as an entrepreneur.


But know one thing: you can’t experience something positive by having negative thoughts.


Simple question of logic.


To succeed as an entrepreneur. you must therefore transform your limiting beliefs into motivating beliefs.


And for that. you have to turn all those negative affirmations into positive affirmations.


It’s the only way to(re)find your motivation as an entrepreneur.


Now that you know how to get rid of your limiting beliefs. let’s move on.


In this case. I’m going to review the entrepreneur’s worst limiting beliefs.


And I will of course explain to you how to transform it into a motivating belief.


“I do not have the means to succeed”. the worst belief

This is one of the most common limiting beliefs among entrepreneurs.


And it is also one of the worst enemies of success. whether you are an entrepreneur or not.


This limiting belief betrays a great lack of confidence in yourself and your abilities.

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But how do you expect others to believe in you if you don’t yourself?


An entrepreneur who lacks self-confidence is an entrepreneur paralyzed by the fear of failure.


If you let this limiting belief parasitize your brain. you will never be azen entrepreneur.


How to turn it into a motivating belief


Stop telling yourself once and for all that you suck and that you can’t afford to do it.


Instead of saying “I’m never going to be able to convince this client”. say rather “it won’t be easy. but I have good arguments to convince this client”.


“Entrepreneurship is too dangerous”

Another one of those limiting beliefs that poisons the lives of entrepreneurs.


Let it be said: entrepreneurship today is not always a comfortable situation.


And indeed. it involves certain risks.


This is also the reason why many prefer to stay with thesalaried entrepreneur statusfor a while.


In addition. the fear of failure is so present in people’s minds that one has the impression that danger is everywhere.


And at the same time. it’s hard to imagine being without resources when you have a family to feed and bills to pay.


How to turn it into a motivating belief


You should know that entrepreneurship is no more risky than any other situation.


Transform this limiting belief by going from “I won’t be able to generate enough income” to “Entrepreneurship will teach me how to manage my budget”.


“To succeed. you have to please everyone”

This kind of limiting belief is certainly a little less common. but it still exists.


Fear of failure and fear of danger lead us to want to please everyone.


It’s rather reassuring to say that pleasing the greatest number is to ensure success.


But remember that pleasing everyone is pleasing anyone.


And that the success of the entrepreneur requiresknow how to stand out from the competition.


You must therefore learn to conquer your fears and take a little risk.


How to turn it into a motivating belief


Stop the limiting belief that pleasing everyone is a safe situation.



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