It really dives deep into marketing psychology and helps you retain customers like it’s going outta style. Assume you sell coffee on your ecommerce store and you have the greatest beans in the whole wide world. You do some diggin’ around and find that the MondoSumo size bag of coffee mail austria lasts approximately 26 days for households with two coffee drinkers. Let’s also assume that your customers love your coffee (they should), and it’s been 20 days since they bought their last bag of coffee from you. You send them this email: Hey Josh, Hope you enjoyed the last bag of coffee you got from us.

What is a List and a Squeeze Page

It’s been about three weeks since your last order. If you drink coffee as much as we do, you’re probably about to run out. If you’d like another awesome bag o’ mail austria coffee from us, here’s a 10% discount code that’s valid for the next 24 hours. Knock yourself out with our  mail austria  coffee. (Or, you know, drink it and stay awake instead.) To good coffee, Aryo from Cool Beans Coffee Co. Now, you mail austria know from your research that they’re about to run out of coffee. If this customer liked your coffee, and if they were about to get some more, they’re going to jump on this offer and buy it directly from you.

Quick and Simple List Building Tips

Heck, you can even offer them a mail austria monthly coffee subscription in that email. Figuring out usage habits for the things you sell is extremely valuable data, especially if you sell goods or services that people regularly need. You sell clothes? Offer seasonal clothes that your audience mail austria is most likely to buy soon. For example, start selling swimsuits in March. Got people in Florida or Texas in mail austria your audience? They’re going to look for swimsuits even earlier in the year, or year-round. Research your market, and segment as appropriate. For example, here’s the average temperature graph for Daytona Beach, FL.

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