In 2016, email marketing had a median ROI of 122%. This makes email marketing campaigns the most cost effective digital marketing strategy available. ROI by marketing channel Source of images We’ve designed this guide to help you get the most ROI from your email marketing. The purpose of this article is to show you which marketing emails will get the most conversions and bring you more lifetime value from your customers. Meta description Armenia Phone Number preview, The five most converting marketing emails are triggered emails. Studies show that triggered emails (i.e. lifecycle emails) get 624% higher conversion responses than generic bulk emails. The main reason email has such an impressive ROI is because email marketing is incredibly tactical.

Abandoned Cart Emails Are the Best Value

Email marketing agencies have discovered that abandoned cart emails generate more revenue per customer than any other email. This means that abandoned cart emails are at the top of the email ROI ladder. Abandoned Cart Email ROI Here are the benefits of an abandoned cart email campaign. Convert up to 25% of your abandoned carts into sales. Allows you to collect qualitative data to improve your buying process Improves your customer. Experience by creating a positive interaction with customer service Cart abandoners are the easiest. Leads to convert to customers because they’re deeply embedded in the buying cycle. They’ve already demonstrated purchase intent by adding items to their cart, and the contents of their cart allow you to generate a more personalized follow-up email.

Win-back Emails Extend the Life of Your Customers

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Winback emails are one of the most profitable emails you can send due to the trigger to send a winback email that only targets customers who need marketing attention. Customers who have purchased from you before have a 60-70% chance of conversion. Not only … but also, This minimizes unnecessary spend and order cannibalization by targeting one of the most converting segments of your consumer base. Use purchase latency to determine the best trigger point for your winback emails. Purchase latency is the time between purchase events. As a matter of fact, Early in the customer lifecycle, purchase latency will be the shortest. As the customer progresses through the customer lifecycle, towards the third and fourth purchases, purchase latency will increase.

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