The legislative assembly of the Novgorod region (ZNO) discussed the establishment of Patriotic education centers in schools, the press service of the parliament reports.

On February 15, the president of Lebedev Lebedev met with the leaders of Veteran organizations working in the region. Among them are the He patriotic family center can be deputy director of Sergey chairman of the committee of the eve combat operations “Mikhail T and others. The meeting was attend by the head of the federal guard in the Novgorod region Alexander MTh participants talk. About the creation of a memorial book of Nany Novgorod  the birthplace of heroes. The development of victory. The organization of the work of the social center for social organizations.


It is intend to establish He patriotic family center can be


Business council for working with veteran Italy Phone Number organizations, as well as regular military operations with the military in general in the region. To do this, through each school we intend to create a center where educational and practical lessons will be carried out.

During the meeting, Lyly proposed to remember Nizhny Novgorod, who fought in the hot zone, since February 15 in Russia celebrated the day of remembrance, which carried out official debts without debts except for limbs. In addition, on this day, 32 years ago, the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan began.

The world is still unstable


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And once again our workers risk their lives, protect the interests of Russia, to ensure the safety of our borders and our Russian citizens. I would like to note that those who fight for “in his homeland, the example of humor in the Adamant War has grown. In this regard, today we talked about the publication of the education of the patriots in the schools of Nizhny Novgorod and the region. In addition” that, the veterans have many problems and problems that need special control. At this meeting we came to the decision that together with the Legislative Assembly of the Nizhny.

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