You can click the “REVEAL YOUR OFFER NOW” button to see which percentage off you got. Pro Tip: You can do something similar by creating a GIF, then segmenting your email list, sending a portion of people to each offer. (Like 75% of your list get the 15% off email, 20% get 20% off, and 5% get 25% off, for example.) People love suspense. It creates a “curiosity gap” — a gap between what your customer knows and the answer to their curiosity.[*] We’re drawn to close the gap between where we are and what we’re curious about. Think about the last time you got an email from your favorite company offering a mystery prize.

The Reality of Email Lists

Weren’t you curious enough to click the link? You can do this with your Black Friday emails a few ways: A “scratch off”, like the one Forever 21 used. A surprise gift with a customer’s order. A new product launch reveal. Whichever method you choose, don’t forget to use the next netherlands mobile phone number lookup EMAIL Scarcity has long been an ecommerce strategy to close more sales. What makes you think Black Friday would be any different? Use wording like… Limited Time Only Today Only While Supplies Last Only X Left Sale Ends At Midnight Last Chance. to get more sales this holiday season.

How to Build an Email List in No

Want examples? We’ve got examples. Here’s a great Black Friday email from Not On The High Street: Screenshot showing a black friday promo email They use red, all-caps lettering to show that the sale ENDS MIDNIGHT. They hammer it home by saying It’s your last chance to fill your baskets. One thing I recommend changing in this email is the CTA button.  Get The “Scarcity” Email Template Now we’re learning some real Black Friday email campaign strategies.

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