Pretty five-star ratings and raving quotes, UGC consists solely of what the actual customers think. You can take a look at some classic cases of UGC below:[*] Screenshot showing watches for sale UGC isn’t restricted to big brand names though. With Instagram becoming more and more popular, UGC campaigns are becoming commonplace. Like Byron Bond in the above example, you can link to your Instagram account on your UGC product photos and make your pages more shareable as well. Linking your ecommerce landing page to your Instagram account is a great way to get the UGC floodgates flowing.

A Mailing List To Build Your Busines

Screenshot showing an instagram profile When it comes to collecting and curating UGC. It’s a matter of fostering a helpful community of happy customers. Granted, actually getting your users to submit UGC isn’t as easy as I make it sound. This is where having a social Mongolia Email List outreach and rewards customer submissions. Can become a powerful part of your marketing. TRAFFIC TEMPERATURE (ICE CUBES VERSUS LAVA) At KlientBoost, we call this method of gauging the temperature of our incoming PPC (pay-per-click) traffic “ice cubes and lava.

Email Marketing What Is the Best Email Marketing

Not everyone is going to want your highest-value product. Likewise, not all users are going to want to buy from your site immediately. You need to tailor your content, copy, and offer for where the user is in their buyer’s journey. If you’re bringing in cold traffic (ice cubes) then you don’t want to scare them away with purchase-focused copy and creatives. Graph showing PPC intent/threat On the other hand, if your ads are bringing in some hot traffic (lava). You don’t want to miss out on possible sales by only showing informative copy. The general trend line on the chart shows that the hotter the traffic (higher intent) your ads

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