Once the visitor is on your page, relevant images help to explain the text, break up walls of text, and let a quick scan of the page show this content matches the search intent. All get german number of this helps the reader to stay longer on the page and the site, which may be positive signals to search get german number engines about the helpfulness of your site to a query. On top of that, what do you do when a get german number reader shares your article on social networks with an image that has nothing to do with the topic? Right, people won’t click it! Place images close to the related part in the text. It’s not enough to add topic-relevant images; they also have to be placed right.

Small Business Website Marketing Tips

schedule or automate the process get german number by using one of the tool’s APIs. Here are five of the most common ones. There are two types of compression: lossy get german number and lossless. The former is a file size reduction without preserving a perfect copy. Defining get german number image dimensions — width and height — is important for two reasons. First, it provides a better user experience because the page doesn’t jump when it loads. When defined, browsers can

Why You Have to Have an Email List to Survive the Recession

size the actual get german number elements on the page before the CSS and/or image resources are loaded. That’s especially important when you load images asynchronously, meaning you defer images that are not above the fold to load after the main content. On mobile, this effect is even more get german number interrupting. Second, specifying image dimensions is a requirement for: AMP get german number , a code standard to speed up mobile sites. PWAs (Progressive Web Apps), an increasingly popular way get german number  to make apps out of websites. You can change image size in your CMS (Media > select the image > click “edit image”), or with an image editing tool

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