But don’t believe me, believe who has made it and, starting from an idea, has made dropshipping his full-time job.

Matteo Sargenti taught us that “dropshipping is a marathon, not a sprint”, and that it is essential to take all the time necessary and not be in a hurry to “break through”. And I would say that it is advice supported by the success of the store of him.


“Studying, starting, falling, starting over”: this is Bolivia Phone Numbers Stories Of Those Who Made It what dropshipping is for Samuele Ferrari . After the first successful experiments (arrived after many attempts), Samuele decided to change his perspective. He wanted to create a business that could become a point of reference for his audience, and to do so he abandoned the idea of ​​the one-product store and started creating several ecommerce. Certainly a multistore strategy is not easy, but step by step the results were not long in coming, rewarding this young entrepreneur for all the past sacrifices.

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These are certainly not the only stories of young entrepreneurs, digital nomads , who have managed to create a profitable and lasting dropshipping business.

Dropshipping is a great way to make money online and to build your own business. As you have seen from this article, the only way to do it is to study, prepare and… try!

I’m sure you still have tons of questions. No, not just you. That is why we have created an article that contains all the most frequently asked questions about dropshipping .

And if you have any other questions or would like to tell us about your dropshipping experience, leave a comment below!

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