The tourism sector has been greatly affected by the coronavirus and it is estimated that it has had losses of 750,000 million dollars. Also, the return to normality when traveling does not have a clear date on the calendar. Belgium Phone Number List This extraordinary and unprecedented situation has coincided with the future and imminent disappearance of third-party cookies that will aggravate the situation. To help the brands in the sector to face this scenario, our company has carried out an analysis of the situation, at the same time that it has provided a series of interesting strategies with which to face the challenges that arise in this grace period. ‘that Google has given until the disappearance of third-party cookies at the end of 2023.

The first strategy to consider that I wanted to emphasize is personalization. Until now, and thanks to third-party cookies, the online search for a trip in a search engine has caused an explosion of advertisements for hotels, airline ticket offers, nearby entertainment venues and much more. Since third-party cookies allow brands to target people who are interested or who are more likely to show interest in their products and services, even if they do not have a direct relationship with those consumers.

However, when these disappear, own or source data will play a decisive role. Something that does not present great difficulties in the tourism sector, since it is easier than others to request them from users. Belgium Phone Number List Among other reasons because they have loyalty programs that encourage logins to their sites.

Second, I would highlight the promotion of targeting.As cookies disappear, it will be much more difficult for marketers to justify the return on investment in digital, as the ability to track it is lost. To solve the situation, brands will have to adopt different segmentation solutions, from probabilistic segmentation to contextual segmentation, passing through user cohorts from a browser. In addition to universal identifiers or universal IDs that allow marketers to match authenticated people to their user profiles on sites and ensure that they reach the right audiences. Additionally, brands can, and I highly recommend, take advantage of this “extra” time to test various targeting alternatives and determine which combination works best for their organizations. As well as the tools or technology providers they may need to achieve the maximum return on investment. By experimenting now, marketers will have a better idea of ​​the gaps in their data and can address the situation.

Third, I would highlight the necessary expansion of the digital reach due to the great competition that exists in the tourism sector Among other reasons, because, in addition to the usual brands that operate in it, there are other external actors that also act, such as Airbnb in the category of accommodation. Therefore, it is critical that ‘traditional’ operators accelerate their digitization strategies to ensure that they maximize the impact of their digital investments now and are prepared to activate and orchestrate personalized multi-channel campaigns in the future.

In line with the above, Belgium Phone Number List  it is of great importance that companies in the sector collect data obtained from multiple sources; booking engines, hotel registrations, historical data and unify them in a single platform to get all the value they have. Circumstances that will also facilitate targeting, since brands will be able to have a better idea of ​​who their customers are and what their customer journey is like. Finally, I wanted to mention the implementation of the improvements now by the companies so as not to be left behind. In this strategy, among the actions to be carried out, I would highlight the collection of own data, encouraging users to log in to offer personalized and attractive experiences. Invest in a data management platform, such as a Customer Data Platform (CDP), to manage your own data and ensure privacy compliance. And try various targeting methods to see what works best for your organization and what blind spots need to be addressed before cookies disappear forever.

I finish as I started. The disappearance of cookies will mark the ‘new’ era of digital advertising. And the extension that Google has given should be seen by brands as an extra time to take advantage of to arrive with the homework done on the indicated date of the end of 2023.

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