Email marketing is one of the most powerful and effective ways to reach your customers. In fact, the average person checks email about 15 times a day.  It’s safe to assume that your customers are getting their fair share of email communication. So how can your small or medium business (SME) make sure your email marketing stands out? Incorporating marketing automation into your email marketing campaigns is absolutely essential to giving your small business the competitive edge it needs. The information in your customer relationship management (CRM) system is extremely valuable, and it’s time to harness that value through complementary marketing automation technology to improve your email marketing.

Email marketing can be as powerful a tool today as it ever has been – it just can’t exist on an island anymore. Instead, consider the following Bulgaria Phone Number tips for maximizing the value of your business email marketing campaigns with built-in marketing automation technology.

The Standard Email Campaigns of Yesteryear

Back then, all you needed was an email campaign. Especially as a SMB, customers didn’t expect much more than to let them know about updates or special offers. SMBs could contact their customers with a generic subject line and greetings. Such as “Dear Friend”, and the message would get through. Now that messaging capabilities and our target audiences have matured, so have our email marketing tactics. Targeted email marketing with personalization that leverages marketing automation and data from your CRM will put your SMB in the best place to secure clicks and even increase revenue.

Actionable Customer Data and Measurement

Email Database

Your CRM is full of fantastic and juicy data just waiting to be analyzed and used to help. You grow your business. Below are a few types of information collected through marketing automation and likely found. In your CRM that could help you create stronger email campaigns. Open Rate – This is the percentage of people who actually open the email you sent. Not only that, but your CRM will be able to identify customers who open. Your emails for an even deeper dive into your customer base. CTR – Click-through rate, or CTR,

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