Unless it’s Chinese New Year or Sunday, I won’t consider a supplier as my future supplier if they don’t respond within that 24-hour timeframe. Communication is key. That phonebook directory of cyprus said, two out of the five suppliers didn’t even respond after 48 hours. After quite some phonebook directory of cyprus back and forth with the remaining three suppliers, I decided to go with the one who had the most experience and best rating. They also have outstanding customer service which is exactly what I was looking for. As customer service isn’t everything, I wanted to test the quality of my supplier’s products. So it was time to order product samples.

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PRODUCT SAMPLE To test the quality of the backpacks and the rubber patches, I chose to order two backpacks (different colors) and two rubber patches. Due to phonebook directory of cyprus the high setup costs of the manufacturer, one rubber patch sample would cost $60. As 100 patches cost $80, I decided to order 100 for $20 more. Screenshot showing a chat conversation $180 including express phonebook directory of cyprus delivery to Germany seemed solid and I placed my sample order. A few days later, I received a package… Picture showing a package WEEK #2: PLANNING TO MAKE $1,000 PROFIT. My girlfriend had a very hard time… First, she had to deal with my, let’s say not-the

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best-mood, in the days prior to my sample order delivery as German customs didn’t let the package go through. Second, when the package finally arrived, she had to deal with my over-excitement about it! Express shipping from China to Germany only took three days. Unfortunately, my supplier tried to trick the German customs by saying the products are worth $7.00. This would have saved me custom fees. But this has become very common practice, and German customs figured it out. So the delivery was put on hold until I could prove how much I actually paid. Here’s the email I sent to UPS with screenshots of my $180 USD Alibaba transaction,

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