The film that the television commercial cinema or video club will not. Show him and the theatrical performance that will not break the box office. Their role is to bridge social and therefore cultural and educational. Inequality by offering equal cultural opportunities for education and enjoyment. Thirdly the greatest cultural contribution to the place to democracy and last of all to art is a citizen who creates. Consequently a thinking citizen i.e. free. So let the rulers let the now well known and often useless.

The form of a permanent establishment

Not with the aim of professional rehabilitation Image Masking Service since that would be hypocrisy but with the aim of bringing citizens into contact with the artistic event. Let the Municipal Gallery the Municipal Theatre the Municipal Workshops become places of communication and contact with art. Fourthly most of the events in the small places and especially. On the islands should take place during the winter when the locals are unaffected by their tourist occupations. Events should be primarily about them and not tourists.

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The cultivation of the inhabitants

For the summer let them save a couple of shiny SG Phone List events for bark but the main body should be about the winter. Fifthly the essential decentralization should be favored namely that which brings to the smaller places mainly in the form of a permanent establishment but even in the form of a winter visit people of art creators teachers and theorists who will thus contribute to the cultivation of the inhabitants. At this point local authority must be a countervailing force to the innate defense and entrenchment observed in small communities against any outside presence.

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