Rituals was voted the Most Customer-Friendly Company in the Netherlands in May 2021 . Striking, when you consider that the retailer had to close its stores for more than 4 months in the corona year. Rituals was able to continue to fascinate and bind customers even in these special circumstances. What makes Rituals special in terms of customer friendliness? What do they do well, what do they do differently?

Founder and CEO Raymond Cloosterman and Country Director Benelux Lizette Lulofs talk in 8 topics about their customer-friendliness choices and about the experiences in a special year.

“Do we do things differently from other VP Financial Email List retailers? We don’t really look at colleagues in our sector as an example for customer-friendliness,” says Lizette Lulofs. “We are more likely to be inspired by the hospitality sector. It is core business there to spoil and surprise guests. That is of course also the case with us.

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Now it is manageable at a hotel or restaurant to treat all guests well and personally. How do you do that at an organization like Rituals with about 7,000 employees, more than 800 stores, almost 2,700 shop-in-shops and numerous other activities and points of sale?

Invest in your employees

Lizette Lulofs: “We invest a lot in educating and training our employees. You will continue to learn and develop throughout your working life at Rituals. Not only in terms of products, processes, commerce and skills, but also in engagement, storytelling and customer focus.”

Go for sincere involvement

The employees are the carriers of the Rituals culture, says founder and CEO Raymond Cloosterman. “The employees make the difference. The customer immediately notices whether an employee is really involved or whether it is a trick. You partly achieve this genuine involvement through training, but it is also part of the hiring policy. You soon realize whether an applicant has it in them. Another part is in the example you give yourself as a manager and team leader.”

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