He says, “it’s more like walking through a craft fair and going. From booth to booth than intentionally going into a traditional store.” Free Guide: How to Take Product Photos by Yourself Learn how. To take beautiful product photos on a budget for free with our comprehensive video guide. Old World Kitchen stood firm with the new prices and continued to grow in following. The new pricing model allowed them to scale while staying true to handmade products. Each year, as they continue to reach the limits of their production capacity. The family regroups to decide how they can continue to grow and maintain the integrity of the brand. Last year, they decided to expand Old World Kitchen’s offering. By partnering with other complementary brands as resellers. Another growth strategy that wouldn’t have been possible with Etsy.

To working with other vendors. Presentation of three puff pastry desserts on a table. The extra work meant changing some. Of Loran’s duties, but the family is still running like a big, well-oiled machine (and without any real machine). Loran now handles all tasks related to running the online store. And everything from social media to email marketing. His younger sister handles shipping and packing, while most of the family makes up the production team. With dad – the master carpenter – at the helm. And mom? She is the glue. “Mom is our main quality control person,” says Loran. “If someone slacks off, she makes sure she knows about it.” The Polder family has built the business to support generations to come, with room to bring future spouses and children into the mix.

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Venturing into the unknown of the internet South Africa phone number taking a stand. With their brand helped them realize their dream of working together. The time to migrate from Etsy to Shopify Old World Kitchen employees working in workshop Loran credits Etsy with getting the family business off the ground. The platform was a great place to experiment with e-commerce, learn the nuances of online customer service, and bring your product to an existing audience. When to move from Etsy to Shopify for your own store depends on your goals, and whether product or audience limitations on Etsy start to affect growth. When is the time to migrate? Branding is an integral part of what you do , like your story or how you do something or who you are.

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You want to scale by turning your craft production into a maker (outside of Etsy’s limited maker opportunities). Most manufactured products are not allowed on Etsy. Your target audience exists outside of the Etsy community . This may be the case if your brand decides to target a more luxury-focused customer. You are interested in expanding your brand beyond the products that you manufacture yourself . Reselling is prohibited by Etsy, except for vintage items. You want to be in control of your own marketing. Reach your ideal buyer with content marketing, through SEO, and on social media with tools within Shopify. In many cases, merchants choose to keep their Etsy shops active even as they grow with a Shopify store.

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Corbé is an example of this, as it maintains its links with Etsy to stay connected with the community of manufacturers and keep that sales channel active. This can be a good strategy if you’ve built up a sizeable following on Etsy and want to maintain those relationships. How to migrate your products from Etsy to Shopify Instead of starting from scratch and recreating your product pages on a new platform, you can import much of your work into Shopify. Note: The instructions below use Easy Import, but there are other Etsy import/embedding apps on the Shopify App Store. From your Etsy shop dashboard, under Shop Settings , click Options . Select the Download data tab Click Download CSV After you sign up for Shopify, get the Easy Import Etsy migration from the Shopify App Store Within Shopify, search for Easy Import under.

Apps Upload your CSV file and follow the instructions to import your products. You can assign them to collections during this step. Preview your products before importing them. The process will import your product titles, descriptions, variants, and prices. Go to Product in Shopify to manually edit the rest of the information and add product photos. The benefits of migrating from Etsy to Shopify The freedom and flexibility of running a business on Shopify allows craft businesses to scale, and it automates many of the business processes, allowing creators to focus on what they do best: crafting. More benefits: Take your brand to new audiences . Reach out to new customers outside of the Etsy community and engage with them. Your email list is a valuable marketing tool, helping you retain and repeat customers.

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