On who your customer is and where they are located. Is it more worth investing in email marketing or Facebook ads? Should you try content marketing or Google Ads? Evidence is your friend at this stage. As a brand selling a product that is highly taste-driven and may require guidance for the less design savvy, content can be very powerful. Build an audience on Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok by offering home design tips and advice. These can be tools to drive traffic to your store and establish yourself and your brand as a credible expert in this space. In the end, your marketing content will come across more authentically when you work on media and platforms that feel natural to you. “We’re a bit old school, in the sense that we still get most of our clients through word of mouth ,” says Chris.

“That said, Instagram is a great tool for us. I love posting stories for our followers to see what’s behind our store . ” Shipping, returns and customer service “Transportation is a huge challenge ,” says Chris, who admits he hasn’t quite perfected it. “We’ve shipped 800-pound dining tables across the country. It’s a challenge” . In the case of GOODEE, inventory management, fulfillment, and shipping are handled by the brand’s partner warehouse. The 9 steps to have unbeatable customer service Make your customers feel important to you. If your attention is impeccable. They will come back to buy from you. If you receive a good deal when buying and help you make the best decision. You will be their favorite store. If you’re just starting out, you may need to handle order fulfillment and shipping yourself.

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For you, Chris has some advice based on his Kuwait Phone Number own experience: “Find a reputable shipping company and build a relationship with them. Make sure you can get quick quotes based on weight and dimensions ahead of time so you can factor that into your price. You don’t want to incur an unexpected shipping cost.” than $500, and neither does your client. “Pack or pack your product very well. This way you will have the peace of mind that your beautiful dining table looks the way it should when it reaches your customer.” Returns can be very tricky when it comes to oversized items. Make sure your return policy is very clear. If you do not accept returns, this information must be clearly presented to the customer at checkout and even on the product page.

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If you are willing to accept returns, set the terms with your shipping partner in advance and inform the customer who will be responsible for the return shipping costs, which can be significant. The founders of GOODEE claim that the brand’s return rate is less than 5%. They do this thanks to detailed product pages and stellar customer service, but also by making the decision to (almost) not do any sales. “By having a site that’s not for sale ,” Byron says, “you’re not really trying to use all these other techniques to get someone to buy.” the fine print Before you start selling furniture online, check with your legal and insurance professionals to see if your business requires any additional protection due to the size and price of the items you’re delivering.

Will You Sell Kuwait Phone Number Extended Warranties?

You’ll want to protect yourself from loss, such as items damaged in transit. But you’ll also want to protect your customers . Will you offer a standard warranty against defects?Do your homework to make sure you have the right protections in place before you start selling sit at the table Burst Whether it’s building or preserving furniture to sell online, it can be a rewarding and creative business. Dexter and Byron moved from fashion to furniture because they found beauty in the way a home brings people together. “There is no gender, there are no sizes,” says Byron. “We all have a connection to these emotional moments we share together in the comfort of home . ” And GOODEE has woven those good feelings into a community of conscientious artisans and consumers with a shared love for beautiful things made ethically.

If you’re passionate about what you build, it will show in your work. Chris Hughes, Founder of Timberware For Chris, the reward comes from working with his hands, doing projects that excite him. He says that identifying those projects is the key to a successful business. “It can be birdhouses, cheese boards, ornate beds, it doesn’t matter,” she tells us. “If you’re passionate about what you build, that will reflect in your work.” Do you want to know which products are best sold online? Discover this Guide on how to sell products online! Get started with your furniture business today. tomorrow is too late What are you passionate about? What gap exists in the furniture and home decoration market? At the intersection of these answers is a business opportunity waiting for your unique idea.

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