In the markets, obtaining a great reception. To us, protected as we were, it seemed to us that you put up a web page and people came to it in some way. However, the success of the wooden spoons in the markets prompted the family to pursue the business seriously. “We didn’t know anything about marketing,” says Loran. “It just seemed to us, no matter how protected we were, that you put up a web page and people got to it somehow.” The whole clan packed up and moved to a large estate in Tennessee. They added dairy cows and beekeeping to their agricultural repertoire. True to their old-world approach to their business, their initial sales channel was also a throwback. And artisan goods in gift baskets and sold them door-to-door, a twist on the mid-century vacuum cleaner salesman.

“It’s not common for people to bring that type of product to their doorstep,” says Loran. It was a risk. But the old-school sales tactic worked for a business that prided itself on centuries-old craftsmanship. The Polders had surprising success with this method, but it was time consuming and unsustainable. It kept part of the family away from the farm, away from their dream of working together. That’s when a neighbor suggested Etsy, but Loran says the family had no internet savvy. “We would actually go to the local library to check emails,” he says. “I don’t know how we were able to sell anything. Lo and behold, three days later we had an order. That encouraged us tremendously.” Loran credits Etsy with getting their business off the ground, for introducing them to e-commerce.

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The market model provided them with Slovenia phone number their first customers without any marketing knowledge. The family was approached with an emerging partnership opportunity. The conversations that followed led them to realize that they had not given enough thought to their royal brand. By envisioning their brand coming to life in physical form, it helped them define their message and their vision for the company as a whole. Table with bowl full of pasta next to stack of bowls and wooden spoon So, they came to the crossroads common to the journey of many manufacturing companies. They reached the top of their craft production capacity and asked themselves: how do we scale?

Slovenia phone number

I think a lot of artisans have this idea that you have to be the poor struggling artist, like there’s something wrong with figuring out how to make your business profitable. At this point, they had two options. First, the family considered complementing Old World Kitchen with a sister brand. They considered investing in a CNC machine to create another line of wooden spoons at a lower price. However, this move would contravene everything they had worked to preserve and say about their brand. The alternative? Raise your prices. Much. Although their customers are happy to pay the higher prices for the products, the backlash has come from other artisans who sell comparable products at a fraction of the cost.

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While these competitors struggle, Old World Kitchen thrives. Why? They don’t sell a spoon. They sell a way of life, their history, and an experience, how it looks on their Old World Kitchen Instagram page. Old World Kitchen Instagram Page As their brand became stronger and more defined, and their prices became more in line with that of a luxury brand, they found that Etsy was less and less able to meet the needs of their growing business. By focusing more on its history, the limitations of a marketplace and the Etsy shop template became apparent. Loran felt that the typical Etsy shopper—his younger and more budget-conscious—was drifting further and further away from his target audience.

The Polders began growing their social channels in an effort to get customers outside of Etsy. They also tried other marketplaces and platforms before coming to Shopify. They upgraded their camera and learned how to use photo editing software, releasing the new images alongside their Shopify store. Old World Kitchen Products After making the switch, the kitchen began to heat up. “We were absolutely shocked that our conversion rate went up so much,” says Loran. “We knew we were doing something right.” Although the same amount of traffic was coming to their Shopify store, the visits were more deliberate. Setting up a marketplace leads to a lot of browsing and stumbling across similar product and brand pages.


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