And confidence with each purchase, in addition to having multiple certifications. That guarantee their commitment to being sustainable. And helping other sustainable businesses in the industry to grow. 3. Fabric Walls is a fabric store. That has been in operation since 1985, starting first as a business specialized in local sales. And building in 2014 one of the largest fabric stores in Spain. It is, in fact, one of the most modern places to buy fabrics in Spain. And it is located in the city of Madrid. Although it also has another branch in Fuenlabrada. Another city also belonging to the autonomous community of Madrid. Its headquarters. In the city of Madrid has about 1,500 m2 full of a huge variety of fabrics to choose from. No matter what type of clothes you want to make. You will find the fabric you need for your clothing business here.

Fabric suppliers in Mexico Not only in Spain can we find quality suppliers. In LATAM it is also possible to find good fabric suppliers for your clothing business, starting with Mexico. 4. Kim e x Fabric Kimex Fabric Let’s start with Kimex Tela, a fabric distributor company that has been in the market for more than 64 years, and has the experience of so many years to deliver quality , both in its services and in its products. They have more than 5,000 different types of fabrics , which offers you a great variety when looking for the fabrics you need to make your clothes. They also have the international OEKO-TEX certificate , present in each of their products, certifying them as chemical-free products. It is, without a doubt, a leading company in the textile industry.

Fabrics Walls Switzerland phone number Tissues Paredes

Telas Lúa is not a manufacturer, but rather a Switzerland phone number leading fabric distributor. They specialize in distributing fabrics to all parts of Mexico, and season after season. They bring all their clients a catalog with the best fabrics of the season, with both national and international trends. In addition, they have a wide variety of fabrics available throughout the year. And it is the best place to find national and international fabrics. 6. Royal Textile royal textile. It is another fairly well-known fabric distributor within the Federal District of Mexico. Being one of the main fabric distributors in one of the main textile centers in the country. With a wide variety of fabrics for all types of production , from casual wear to sportswear. In this provider you will find a great opportunity to satisfy all the needs of your online store.

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Fabric suppliers in Chile 7. Chile fabrics Let’s start with Telas Chile, a rather particular fabric distributor that has an online store from which you can buy no matter where you are located in Chile. And it is that in this distributor they make shipments to the whole country, so you can comfortably buy directly from their online store. They have a wide variety of fabrics for all kinds of products, both to make clothes and to decorate the house. So no matter what use you want to give the fabrics, here you will find the right fabrics for your business. 8. Jusocar Textile Industry Jusocar Textile Industry We continue with another large textile company from Chile, Textil Jusocar is a company that is both a manufacturer and an importer of fabrics , as well as being an exporter of textiles.

Unlike Other Switzerland phone number Companies

And they deal not only with threads and fabrics, but also with waistbands, elastics and ribbons ; having at your disposal a wide variety of products in your inventory. 9. Textile Classis Textil Classis is a Chilean fabric manufacturer that has years and years of experience in the textile market, being one of the main fabric suppliers in the country. They have expanded nationally and internationally, incorporating styles from all over Europe into their fabric designs, offering their customers a wide variety of fabric styles, perfect for manufacturing the best clothing . 🇵🇪 Fabric suppliers in Peru 10. IncalpacaIncalpaca It is a textile company with a very interesting proposal. And it is that Incalpaca is a textile manufacturer that focuses exclusively on the manufacture of textile products derived from the alpaca , an animal that abounds in the Peruvian Andes.

They are also clothing manufacturers, all derived from the same fabric they manufacture. This is undoubtedly a very interesting textile factory, which although it has been operating since 1996, brings with it a heritage that dates back much further, with experience in the manufacture of quality fabric . They are currently one of the main exporters of fabrics throughout the country , taking their textile products to more than 50 countries around the world. 11. Lafayette fabrics Lafayette fabrics Telas Lafayette is a recognized name throughout Latin America, since it is a textile manufacturer of Colombian origin that has reached many corners of the continent. Peru being one of the countries where it has been successfully established. Based in Lima, this is one of the best alternatives to obtain various types of textiles for the manufacture of all types of products, from clothing to upholstery.


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