Right now we’re paying between $0.03 to $0.19 per completed view for TrueView ad remarketing campaigns. It’s worth noting that you pay the same rate whether someone clicks through to your site or watches the ad to the billable point. Before we discuss how to build powerful YouTube b2c email list providers remarketing campaigns. I want to make a very important point. A great YouTube campaign requires a b2c email list providers video ad that converts. It doesn’t have to be an expensive video with high production value. However, it does need to show why your product is awesome and make people want to take action. While your video ad doesn’t need to be the next viral hit, it does need to be engaging and compelling.

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The campaign structure and audience lists you use are also critical. I’ll outline those details in the article. But, you’re only as good as your video ad. 1 Step 1: Build A List Of Cart Abandoners 2 Step 2: Create A 3-Step Remarketing Campaign Sequence 3 Step 3: Use TrueView For Shopping  b2c email list providers Campaigns. To Combine The Power Of YouTube And Google Shopping 4 Step 4: Build A List Of Converters 5 Step 5: Boost LTV By Building. Bought X, Not Y Campaigns 6 Step 6: Add YouTube Remarketing Lists To Your Search And Shopping Campaigns To Close. The Loop STEP 1: BUILD A LIST OF CART ABANDONERS The quickest way to close more sales is to recover more of your abandoned carts.

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People abandon their cart for a b2c email list providers variety of reasons. Maybe your prospect is shopping on a mobile device while waiting at the doctor, and b2c email list providers their name is called before they hit submit. Maybe your prospect added to cart to save it for later never intending to purchase in the moment. The point is, not everyone who abandons your cart is a lost sale. YouTube is a great way to reactivate these shoppers and get them back to your site to complete checking out. Your best-converting remarketing list will almost certainly be your cart abandoners list.

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