search integrations: maps, knowledge graph (with nutrition values), and images. Screenshot showing Google search results for taco Search results look different phone number search india depending on your search. Often, images are somewhere integrated on the page. Consider this case for summer jacket. If you’re an ecommerce store and can’t rank in the regular organic results, you can still get phone number search india valuable traffic by ranking an image. Screenshot showing google search results for jackets phone number search india That’s just one example of how you can outrank incumbents with images. It’s very powerful! That’s why in this article I present 16 tips for optimizing images for organic traffic.

List Building – How To Get

Once the visitor is on your page, relevant images help to explain the text, break up walls of text. And let a quick scan of the page show this phone number search india intent. All of this helps the reader to stay longer on the page and the site, which may be positive signals to search engines about the helpfulness of your site to a query.  Right, people won’t click it! Place images close to the related part in the text. It’s not enough to add topic-relevant images; they also have to be placed right.

Rich From List Building

Google can relate images to their surrounding content. It’s more powerful to place an image close to a headline that’s related to its alt attribute than farther away. phone number search india The primary use of alt text is for screen readers; the screen readers include the text to help people with visual impairments understand the image. Its secondary purpose is for search engines to use it as a factor to determine what’s in an image. Google is getting better at “seeing” images, but they still use several ways to understand what’s

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