The way photography approaches and deals with color compared to painting. In the photo the color has the identity of its information. In his painting identity this is his very presence. That is why its hue or texture may be of primary importance to the painting but not to the photograph. h Photography speaks of stillness therefore the importance of the frame is primary while cinema speaks of movement therefore the importance of the succession of images becomes primary in its case. The photo describes it with exacting accuracy. Cinema narrates with complete arbitrariness. Painting neither describes nor narrates but creates from scratch.

The above one can perceive that the photograph

Printing books with paintings is not the Real Estate Photo Editing primary goal of a painter. He knows that it will always be a reproduction in different dimensions with usually altered colors and in any case with a loss of materiality. The scrapbook refers to or refers to a living painting. On the contrary printing photo books is the primary goal of every photographer. The photos will be again as always copies reproductions in dimensions that suit the specific case in the same proportions and without materiality. j The reproduction of part of a painting in a book is a legitimate practice under conditions because it attempts the explanatory deconstruction of the creation of the painting which the painter builds in parts.

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The photos will be again as always

The fragmentary reproduction of a photograph SG Phone List is a work of art because it negates the primary meaning of the photograph which is the frame. If the part works autonomously then the photo frame as a whole fades. As a consequence of all the above one can perceive that the photograph is not an object but a trace. And that it works wonderfully through any kind of representation printing on paper or in a book viewing on a small or large screen sending via the Internet as well as that it can be exposed in countless places depending on the quality and range of communication it wishes to the photographer succeeded.

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