Page They received almost 5,000 backlinks with this one product and got 400 comments on Facebook. Screenshot showing ahrefs stats for a website Note that the landing Pharmacies Email List page is more than just a product picture and headline. ThinkGeek wrote a short 500 word article Pharmacies Email List for the page with illustrations and more pictures. They really spun out a story around the (initially) Pharmacies Email List imaginary product, which makes it so much more effective. So effective, in fact, that ThinkGeek went from having it as an April Fool’s joke to

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Selling it as a real product. 4. CREATE SEASONAL LANDING PAGES Seasonal events receive a lot of recurring attention, and some brands understand how to capitalize on that. One Pharmacies Email List a set of pages about holidays, from Christmas to Thanksgiving to the Fourth of July. You can even explore Macy’s 4th of July parade online on an interactive landing page. Screenshot showing a macy The Thanksgiving Day Parade page has almost 3K backlinks; all Macy’s holiday landing pages

Pharmacies Email List

Together generate the brand more than 20,000 backlinks. Screenshot showing ahrefs stats for a website page Of course, every ecommerce business should have a dedicated landing page for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Single’s Day. Target’s Black Friday page has over 30,000 links. Screenshot showing ahrefs stats for a website page Amazon’s Cyber Monday page has over 11,000 backlinks. Screenshot showing ahrefs stats for an amazon site Best Buy’s Cyber Monday page has almost 3,000 links.

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