Sustainable finance criteria this financial movement not only includes aspects related to profitability or risk , but also includes the following esg terms: the letter a, refers to the term “environmental”. This focuses on different environmental aspects, such as pollution, the reduction of gases and the promotion of renewable energies. The “s” refers to the “social” field and is related to health and educational aspects. The goal is to reduce inequality. The “g” refers to the good work of the directors of any company. It refers to those that provide a specific financial product, such as a share, but complying with social and environmental codes.

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What sustainable financial products exist? Commonly, in today’s markets, you can find different financial products focused on sustainability and profitability. Here are the most important Latvia Phone Number ones: investment funds based on esg . These types of funds are structured according to esg criteria for their investment policies. Here, solidarity funds can be included, which would be collective investment institutions that give part of their profits to charitable institutions. Green and social bonds .

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This type of emissions is based on the financing of initiatives that have the objective of financing initiatives focused on the protection of the environment and of the social sphere. Sustainable loans or credits . These types of loans work like any credit, with the aim of acquiring specific items that respect the environment, such as the purchase of electric vehicles or for the purchase of energy-efficient appliances. This loan has different advantages, such as lower interest rates, from which both individuals and professionals can benefit.

Investor psychology on sustainable financial products if we analyze the relationship between ethical commitment and the prices of this type of product, we can see that there is a high level of correlation. In other words, those investors will have a greater degree. Of intention to invest in this type of product as long as they obtain a consistent return. Conversely, the more the yield is reduced, the less interest there will be in this type of product. Similar to any investment. However, this does not always happen. Various studies have shown that making investment decisions following this pattern will not always be fulfilled. There are other aspects such as the presentation

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