Then some people will ask, why do I feel that I can’t find a suitable position for me. When I reach such an age? It should noted here that the number of years refers to the ability. To have the corresponding number of years, not just until this time.

So as you grow up, you have to keep asking yourself three questions about your soul. With the growth of age and changes in experience, certain changes will occur in the appeal and psychology of the current stage. Now let’s talk about this hourglass-like “experience”.

1 year: home products are beginning to grow

In the first year after graduation, for you who are new to the workplace, everything looks a little strange and novel. Product positions as a low threshold position can get you into the state quickly. Diligence of students at this stage is the first element.

Since they are newcomers,

they are generally exposed to simple Malaysia Phone Number work content, commonly known as “doing miscellaneous tasks”. Now you are not able to undertake the work of an independent product line, and most of them are helpers for some relatively experienced students. Most of them are your new employee “mentors” who guide your work, usually your immediate supervisor (including the group leader).

The daily work of the product newcomer:

  1. Follow up online bugs
  2. Follow up on small needs
  3. Audit the meeting
  4. Organize data and bury points (there will be more on the C side, and the data on the B side is generally known as the number of runs)
  5. Do competitive research (more on the C side)
  6. Large demand follow-up (optional)

Online bugs are the fastest way for newcomers to get started.

Malaysia phone number

There is no one. Don’t underestimate the follow-up of online bug issues, it can provide you with best practice experience in several ways.

Bugs can give you a quick overview of the company’s workflow. While also being able to get in touch with the corresponding people. Generally, online bugs are the first priority. So the developer will not reply to you, which will help you quickly close the distance and relationship.

The most important thing is that some hidden “pits” are most easily reported through bugs, providing effective counter-example support for you to familiarize yourself with product functions and processes as soon as possible in the future.

The other items are relatively basic.

Most of the current students will learn some basic skills in advance before entering the workplace, such as axure, visio, etc. A certain logical ability and analytical ability can actually be successfully undertaken.

As a newcomer, the most terrifying situation encountered is that there is no one in the current product line, and there is a relatively complex big demand waiting for you. Often in this case, your mentor is really busy, and you are recruited in the hope that the urgent need will be solved, but you just haven’t found a high-level person. So you take on a burden that you shouldn’t have. How to do?

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