Results, and the first three listings get the majority of their clicks. Sales velocity is how many sales you are generating lately. It is not a specific metric Amazon gives you but more of a generalization of how many units you are selling per day. Amazon is less concerned with cumulative sales and is more interested in the quantity you have sold recently. Even if you have a respectable mailing list – you might be uncertain how to turn that into an income. It is great to have a big list of prospects but how you sell your offers to these people is what really counts.

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This is how new sellers can rise up on Amazon over veteran sellers by pushing more units per day than their competitors. How do you generate sales velocity Grenada B2B List if nobody can find you? Advertising. The infographic below is a visualization of what information Amazon provides regarding how their algorithm works. We have also confirmed these underlying factors through our own extensive testing. Screenshot showing a banner about amazon Two primary factors drive organic sales rank: direct factors and indirect factors. Direct factors are the most important.

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If you do not have any stock when customers want to buy. No amount of advertising will help you because you cannot advertise sponsored products if you are not winning the buy box. (i.e., the box on an Amazon product detail page where customers can begin the purchasing process by adding items to their shopping carts). On Amazon, there can sometimes be multiple “offers” or people selling the same product. By default, Amazon chooses to show the product of the company they believe has the best offer based on price, reviews, fulfillment method, etc. You can tell who is winning the buy box by seeing who it is “Sold by.”

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